Sadly after holding the summer shows until 2007, which drained finances considerably, the committee was forced to abandon the summer shows to concentrate in the future on staging an even better annual spring show.

Since the demise of the Summer Shows, the committee, volunteers and exhibitors have worked tirelessly to continue staging the spring shows in St John’s Hall during March, the earliest and first flower show in the country.

From 2002, Penwith District Council informed the committee that it could no longer store show equipment in the basement of the St John’s Hall, owing to a fire risk, so the committee was grateful to Lloyd Reynolds for helping and most recently to the Bolitho family for lending a dry store at Hendra, an easy and convenient site from which to collect and return our staging.

For many years the staff of Penwith District Council supported the shows in many ways, with eye catching floral displays, entering exhibits and providing manpower to help us prepare the hall, as well as dismantling the staging afterwards.

The committee has been most grateful for the involvement of Penwith District Council, and to show appreciation when the district council was taken over by Cornwall Council, the committee presented Penwith with a Woolemi Pine that was ceremonially planted in the Morrab Gardens, on March 4, 2010.

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